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On Friday 10th June, Congress delegates have the chance to attend a technical site visit of their choosing. This is an opportunity to explore state-of-the art research, development and innovation facilities, railway cultural highlights, major infrastructure project sites, and much more.

Registrations for the programme have now closed, however, if you have not registered but are keen to participate there are still a few spaces available on some of the visits. Get in touch at


  Visit Location Duration


University of Birmingham

The newly-opened UKRRIN building at the University of Birmingham is a state-of-the-art research, development and innovation facility which provides a welcome environment for industrial technologists to work alongside academics.

The facility is home to the UKRRIN Centre of Excellence in Digital Systems and accommodates the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, one of the world's largest and most comprehensive groups of its nature. This technical visit will provide a tour of the collaborative working spaces and demonstrate recent project outcomes, giving you an understanding of the collaborations possible for your own organisation.

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UKRRIN Building,

University of Birmingham,



B15 2TT

Full Day

National Railway Museum

Based in York, The National Railway Museum tells the story of rail transport development and growth, diving into the past, present and future of the railways, and of the impact it has had on society. In the midst of a transformation, the Museum is currently on a journey to become a global engineering powerhouse and a reinvented, inspiring 21st century attraction.

For this specially curated visit, delegates will embark on a journey of rail and sustainability through the ages. With a behind the scenes tour of the archives, a presentation from the Assistant Director, examples of artifacts that have had a direct influence on the future sustainability plans for the GB rail network. There will also be the opportunity to speak with museum experts and for delegates to explore exhibits at their leisure.

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National Rail Museum,

Leeman Road,


YO26 4XJ

Full Day

High Speed Two Ltd – HS2 Curzon Street Station Construction Site

A visit to the HS2 high speed railway station construction site in the heart of Birmingham. Curzon Street station will be the first brand new intercity terminus station built in Britain since the since the 19th century.

With a presentation on HS2's low carbon approach to stations including Curzon Street and nearby Interchange Station just outside of Birmingham. A showcase on the historical importance of the site, and how it integrates into the local transport network. As well as an opportunity to see the work underway on site, including a visit to the original Curzon Street Station building, dating to 1838.

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HS2 Curzon Street Station Site


Choice of Morning or Afternoon

Innovation in Action – Network Rail, North West and Central Region HQ


Network Rail works round-the-clock to provide a safe, reliable experience for the millions using Europe’s fastest-growing railway each and every day. We have purpose-built test facilities in the UK which we use for the testing of rolling stock, plant, on-track machines, infrastructure, equipment and technology. Examples of the work we do will be showcased from one of our Regional HQs in Birmingham.


During the technical visit you will get a chance to learn more about what our test facilities offer, the important work being conducted at these facilities and some of extensive research and innovation being carried out. The event will include hearing from key members of delivery teams working on technology being demonstrated, with topics such as how new signalling equipment is being tested for deployment, how novel bridge designs are transforming Network Rail’s drive to reduce carbon in construction, developments through Network Rail’s technical leadership in European Research and developing remote solutions for condition monitoring of our assets.  


Network Rail North West & Central Region HQ Offices – 
Baskerville House, Centenary Square Broad Street, 

B1 2ND

Full Day

Network Rail: Innovation in Action - West Midlands Signalling Centre


The West Midlands Signalling Centre is critical to the smooth and safe running of the railway network. As the unified control and command centre for the region it bring together all key functions to monitor the operations and quickly react to any incident. 

During this visit you will be given a guided tour around the command centre, hear from the different functions and learn about how technology has transformed the monitoring and respond capabilities of the railway. You will also visit gold command where you will learn about the development of the centre and its impact on the smooth running of the network. 


West Midlands Signalling Centre
165 Duddeston Mill Road,
B7 4SZ
Choice of Morning or Afternoon

Ricardo - Decarbonising Rail


A visit to the Hydrogen Testing Site in Shoreham, which is part of the global centre of excellence for hydrogen, defossilised fuels and electric transport engineering, and designed to support Ricardo's existing work in hydrogen and other alternative fuels for use in engine and fuel cells.


The new facility delivers state-of-the-art test and development capability and significantly increases the range of future powertrain solutions which can be delivered to Ricardo’s global customers. A particular focus for the new facility will be a systems-led approach to vehicle development, integrating our enhanced test capability with our leading-edge digital and simulation tools to deliver fully optimised hardware and software system solutions for our customers. Whilst on site, visitors will have an opportunity to visit other R&D and production facilities, including manufacture of high-performance automotive engines and propulsion and vehicle emissions research centres.


Click here for more information about Ricardo’s hydrogen solutions
Click here to find out about Ricardo’s state-of-the-art Vehicle Emissions Research Centre


Shoreham Technical Centre,

Old Shoreham Rd,


BN43 5FG

All Day

Oleo International - Innovative Design & Manufacturing

Part of the T A Savery group with a rich history dating back to 1698, Oleo have been a leading design and manufacturer of energy absorbing technology for a variety of industries for over 60 years. Oleo boasts one of the largest drop test towers in the world with design, manufacture and testing all under one roof at its facility in Coventry. The technical visit will tell a story of the evolution of energy absorbing technologies, include a behind the scenes factory tour, live impact test demonstrations, and introduce delegates to how Oleo are leading the digital era of rail with its Digital Twinning software, DigitalTrains. 
DigitalTrains is a complete rail project software and cloud-based environment for Digital Twins of rail infrastructure, rolling stock & sub-assemblies allowing the user to simulate multiple ‘what-if scenarios’ for rail infrastructure projects.
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Grovelands Industrial Estate,

Longford Rd,




Choice of Morning or Afternoon

Alstom Litchurch Lane – Smart Solutions

Alstom is the UK’s leading supplier of new trains and train services, and a leading signalling and infrastructure provider. Building 40% of the UK mainline train fleet, including for the Elizabeth line, and supporting two thirds of the nation’s trains and trams, Alstom provides the widest range of smart solutions in rail, from high-speed rolling stock, metros and trams to maintenance, modernisation, infrastructure and signalling. 
Employing 6000 people in the UK, Alstom design and build trains at Derby, the UK’s largest train factory, operate major sites at Crewe, Ilford, Plymouth and Widnes, and keep Britain moving from 30 frontline depots. 
This visit will include a tour of the Aventra train assembly and Cairo monorail assembly facilities, and a train ride on the Aventra test track. 


*Please note that all visitors are required to bring their own safety shoes.*

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Litchurch Lane,


DE24 8AD


Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation (BCIMO) – Innovation in Light Rail and Battery Powered Trams

Very Light Rail (VLR) is a new mode of rail-based public transport, designed to supplement existing heavy and light rail systems, supersede other (less efficient) modes of transport, and support the transition towards end-to-end (Hub-to-Home) journeys using public transport. The Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre (VLRNIC), operated by the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation (BCIMO), has been built to facilitate the development of a new VLR industry, including: the market for integrated VLR systems, both in the UK and overseas; the technologies required to deliver high value manufactured and fully integrated VLR system solutions; the supply chain required to deliver this; and the skills required by our current and future workforces for VLR manufacture and implementation. The aim is to develop a world-class, market-driving, centre of excellence for integrated VLR transport systems.

During your visit you will hear from Nick Mallinson, the visionary and founder of BCIMO and the VLRNIC and tour the VLRNIC facilities and test track.

*Please note that all visitors are required to bring their own safety shoes and Personal Protective Equipment, including a hard hat and high-visibility jacket or vest. The test track is not wheelchair accessible.*

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Zoological Drive,

McLaren Applied – Knowledge Transfer from F1 to Rail

For over 30 years McLaren has led the digital transformation of motorsport through electronics and data systems, and now also develop innovative technologies that drive positive, sustainable change in automotive, transport, the Internet of Things and beyond. McLaren’s focus is delivering efficient lightweight electric powertrain and vehicle development; motorsport solutions that make series more sustainable and efficient; reliable connectivity solutions for transportation and insightful analytics and monitoring of transport fleets.

The visit will include a tour of the McLaren headquarters, including the Technology and Production centres where its cars are built. 

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McLaren Technology Centre, 
Chertsey Road, 
GU21 4YH 
McLaren Applied,
Victoria Gate,
Chobham Rd,
GU21 6JD
Full day

DB Cargo - State-of-the-art logistics terminals

The £6 million Wolverhampton Steel Logistics Centre opened in 2018 and is used by some of the world’s largest steel companies including ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel and SSAB. The centre spans 11,800m2 with the capacity to store some 48,000 tonnes of steel, that’s the equivalent of 3,324 steel coils. Steel is transported to the centre from UK Ports where it is forwarded to be used to manufacture items such as household appliances and cars.
This site visit to DB Cargo UK’s Centre of Excellence for metal handling will provide an overview of activity and site operations, including how the rail freight sector supports the metal market in the UK.
*Please note that all visitors are required to bring their own safety shoes.*


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Wolverhampton Steel Terminal,

Knowles Road,


West Midlands,